Willingham Fayre Ice Cream Parlour and Tearooms

We started in 2003 as a diversification project on the farm. There is a history of dairy farming on both sides of the family, but although we had a vast knowledge of milk production, we hadn’t any experience of manufacturing.

We started off with the basic range of about half a dozen flavours to well over 40 that we have today, which means when ever you visit there is always a different Ice Cream for you to fall in love with, whether you love a classic Vanilla or something more unusual such as Turkish Delight or Whisky and Orange Marmalade.


Lincolnshire Wolds Dairy Ice Cream is produced in our on farm dairy, where traditional Italian recipes are followed to create our luxury Ice Cream using locally sourced fruit and additionally authentic sourced ingredients. Every now and again we visit the grand Ice Cream exhibition in Italy to keep up with new technologies and get ideas for new flavours.